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"Japan to Release Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Water into Pacific Ocean, Sparking Concerns and Tensions with Neighboring Countries"

Japan is preparing to release over ___ million cubic meters of treated water from ___ Fukushima nuclear disaster site into ___ Pacific Ocean. ___ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is expected to give approval to Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) to proceed with ___ discharge. ___ water, equivalent to about 500 Olympic-size swimming pools, needs to be released in order to fully decommission ___ Fukushima site. Japan has reassured other countries that ___ release is safe and follows standard industry practices. However, ___ plan has caused tensions with neighboring countries such as China and South Korea, who have expressed concerns about potential risks. ___ Pacific Islands Forum has also called for further discussions on ___ matter. ___ release of water from...

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Taiwan faces a #MeToo wave triggered by a Netflix hit (a, the, removed)

___ lot of people in Taiwan have been accused of hurting others and making them feel uncomfortable. This is part of ___ movement called #MeToo, where people are speaking up ___ bout these experiences. Many women and some men have shared their stories, and at least 61 incidents have been reported so far.   One of ___ reasons this movement started was because of ___ popular TV show called "Wave Makers." In ___ show, ___ woman tells her boss about ___ bad thing that happened to her, and her boss promises to help her. This inspired ___ former staff member of ___ political party to speak out about her own experience of harassment. After she spoke up, more people came...

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